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Projection Layout

The interactive experiments:
T-Shirt design used with Director / TTC projection

T-Shirt "Bruiser"
- remembers other people bumping into you


T-Shirt: "Silent Presence"
- points your environment gently towards you


T-Shirt: "Hunter Gatherer"
- collects a bit of everything, never gets a 100%
(see movies)


T-Shirt: "Center of the World"
- points your environment aggressively towards you


T-Shirt: "Body Language"
- amplifies your body signals


T-Shirt: "Purely Graphical"
- mimics all kinds of other clothes


T-Shirt: "Eavesdropper"
- listens to the devices which surround you


T -Shirt: "Digital Handshake"
- exchanges data on actual touch


A Public Fashion Orchestra.

The "Public Fashion Orchestra" is a fashion house which sells intelligent clothes and their behaviours. All clothes of this brand are networked with each other and when in range are able to share designs and eventually other data; the fashion designer is able to feed new designs and behaviours into the system.

Network Ideologies

Although temporary networks (ad-hoc wireless networks) are as much about people as about the devices they carry, networks are designed to be "visible" to devices only, not to people. Without consulting our devices, we can't tell whether this minute we are participating in a network or not
, and we are not asked whether we want to either – better be networked just 24 hours a day!

Consequently, in a first step, we discussed ways of making existing networks visible; in a second step, we decided to combine the conservative "wearable" network (e.g. networked wireless enabled mobiles) with an alternative, truly "wearable" and very visible network (the proposed fashion network).

Network Clothes

The clothes do not only receive, transmit, transform and show the data, they also remember and thereby limit it: once the clothes are "full", they cannot participate in the network anymore unless you get rid of their data manually: do the laundry!

Network Events

A fashion user dresses up and activates the clothes. As soon as he/she encounters another fashion network member, communication between the two is triggered by an RFID-Tag embedded into their garments. Once communication is established, data is being transmitted by the devices carried by the users (e.g. wireless enabled mobiles).

»  Quicktime Icon  watch project scenario (3.10MB)
»  Quicktime Icon  watch "hunter-gatherer" experiment (5.30MB)
»  Quicktime Icon  watch "wipe-off" experiment (3.30MB)
»  Image Icon  view stills from "hunter-gatherer" experiment

(with Stuart.)
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